Accepted Paper at ESTIMedia 2013

To our great delight, Davit Mirzoyan’s paper¬†“Throughput Analysis and Voltage-Frequency Island Partitioning for Streaming Applications under Process Variation”¬†has been accepted at ESTIMedia 2013. The paper extends his earlier work and presents a framework to estimate the probability distribution of application throughput (e.g. frames per second in video decoding) in a system with Voltage-Frequency Island (VFI) partitions in the presence of process variation. The novelty of the framework lies in the computation of the probability distribution of throughput, based on a user-specified set of clock-frequency levels per VFI domain considering both within-die and die-to-die variations of cores. A methodology is furthermore provided to perform variation-aware partitioning of the cores of a MPSoC into VFIs for maximized timing yield (percentage of chips that satisfy a given throughput requirement).