Visiting Researcher at CISTER

For the next six months, I am a visiting resarcher at CISTER (Research Centre in Real-Time Computing Systems) based at the School of Engineering (ISEP) of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (IPP), Portugal. This gives me a great opportunity to work with some of the great minds in the real-time community, broaden my knowledge by exploring new applications and research areas, as well as contribute with my experiences to the group. At this point, I am familiarizing myself with the work carried out in the group and the work plan will be defined during the coming month.

Update: After settling in at CISTER, I am now working on two projects. The first one relates to their work on bus contention analysis, which is a familiar topic with a different twist. The second project is related to implementation and evaluation of scheduling algorithms in the Linux kernel, which is a completely new topic. Of course, I am also still spending time managing the work of the memory team in Eindhoven. Some new, some old, but in the end I am learning many new things both technically and culturally, and I am meeting many extraordinary people.